Manufacturer and exporter of EPE foam (EPE FOAM) foam cushioning.

Supports the use of packaging products. Supports packaging work.

Our products have been certifying quality by SGS and Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2015

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Awards from SME

"Provincial Champions"

Award from OSMEP SME

Products test quality

guaranteed by SGS

Product quality certification by SGS   

Quality Management 

System ISO 9001 : 2015 QMS19044/1749

standardized products System ISO 9001 : 2015 QMS19044/1749

Thai Rung Rueang Foam Co., Ltd.

Committed to becoming a green industry, adhering to environmentally-friendly business operations.

by focusing on continuous development and improvement and conducting business with social responsibility

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Certification No. : GI 2-0189/2565

Thai Rung Rueang Foam Co., Ltd.

EPE foam manufacturer (EPE FOAM)

Shock-absorbing foam, a variety of foam packaging.

Suitable for all industries

Products are tested and certified by SGS.

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Professional team on foam packaging in thailand

Specialist in EPE Foam, Foam Cushioning for Packaging Work

Thai Rung Ruang Foam Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of EPE foam packaging design for all industrial sectors. Foam cushioning for all types of packaging work. Service with a professional team Ready to support every product, every product to increase the value of the product with strong packaging, low cost, beautiful, modern. Suitable for all types of products

Quality Policy Thai Rung Rueang Foam Co., Ltd.


Committed to creating quality products

to create satisfaction for customers

Quality objectives

Products delivered to customers must be of 100% quality per year.

Customer satisfaction must not be less than 75% per year.

EPE foam factory, Chonburi

What are the benefits of foam and packaging in the industry?

Today, the most common problem is the problem caused by the product. or the product is damaged The reason may be that the cushioning material is not tight and the quality is not enough. or may occur during the transportation of goods ...

Types of EPE Foam

It must be said before that EPE Foam (EPE Foam) mentioned here is expanded plastic foam. that looks like a soft foam and light weight There is a feature Good shock and vibration protection Plus it helps prevent wrinkles caused by friction during shipping. and also environmentally friendly can be recycled There are many types of EPE foam as follows ...